Cross-shared files migration from Gdrive to M365

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We are migrating 100+ users from Google Workspace to Microsoft365. The greatest challenge I have identified is getting all the files in Google drive over in a good way. Downloading each user's archive and uploading to onedrive will create a massive amount of duplicates since downloading the user's files includes a copy of all shared files. Will result in major confusion once users start working in their respective copies in the new (Microsoft) environment. Moving the files on super admin level will loose sharing settings and will also lose directory structure in many cases. Gathering all relevant drive files from some users in one single top folder, and changing ownership of the top folder will (surprisingly enough) NOT change ownership of files contained in that folder (changes to view and edit permissions cascade, but changes to ownership DOES NOT). I find no reliable way to ascertain that all files are brought over in the correct folder structure without creating confusing duplicates. Any hints from those of you who already made this move?
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