Creating New Office Files and o365

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Hello Everyone,

Need help here. I just bought o365 and this is driving me insane. Whenever I open Office and let's say I click Word and create a new document, it automatically creates Document.docx into my OneDrive root folder. For example I typed "abc" and saved it. After closing Word, I go back to Office app and click create new word document, it automatically opens that file with “abc". This is driving me crazy as it's supposed to be an empty document. Everytime I create a new word document file, even without saving it, it automatically saves as Document1, Document2 docx files into the root of my OneDrive. I don't know what kind of sorcery is this. Please help. How do I stop this from happening?

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Do you get error messages about a file called normal.dotm that started around the same time as this issue? It sounds like your default document settings (normal.dotm) was modified
I'm not getting that error. I was using Office 2016 prior and just uninstalled prior to installing Microsoft 365. I don't understand why creating a new doc or ppt (not sure why this isn't happening with Excel) automatically creates and saves file to the root. So whenever I create a new file, what it's trying to do is open up the previous file that was created.
Office 365 by default uses your OneDrive if you want to have it save somewhere else use the save as function as opposed to just the save button
That's what I read too. But the problem is if I create a word document that I do not intend to save, it will then create a word document on the root folder. If I delete that file, next time I open Word and create a new file, it will give me an error that the file can no longer be found. So it is apparently looking for that file that was created and was deleted.