Create Alert for updates on SharePoint Modern Site Page using ReST API or Graph API

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I am trying to create an alert (Out of the Box alert) on any change/updates for a SharePoint Page from Site Pages using Rest API but with no luck. Tried endpoint with a POST request with parameters


	'__metadata':{'type': 'SP.Alert'},
	'AlertTemplateName': 'SPAlertTemplateType.WebPageLibrary',
	'Filter': '',
	'Status': 0,
	'Title':'Page Alert from API', 


Have tried the property alertCreationInformation while posting the api


Property alertCreationInformation does not have property to pass in the PageITEM id or URL, user data.

Able to get all the alerts the user subscribed by a GET call to _api/web/Alerts
Could you please help. I don't see any endpoint in graph either. Thanks in advance.

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any guidance would be greatly appreciated?

Hi @ashiqf
I am stuck with same, did you get any solution for this?