create a select all feature for onedrive for android mobile

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there exists no button or other feature that allows simple "select all" in the onedrive app for android mobile. this type of feature is standard amongst other similar products.


the current state is to manually check off items one by one or tap, hold, and drag to the bottom.


if a folder has a few hundred items, that is rather daunting. 


one cannot even download en entire folder at once by selecting the folder.


for photos/videos, even adding them to an album doesnt help. there doesnt exist a way to download an entire album at once. again: having to tap each one or drag.


the support online on the official MS forums with responses from official MS """experts""" is to press 'ctrl a' on the 'keyboard'. not very helpful and shows the flaws of MS "support". 




last night i DREAMT about having this feature implemented.
Microsoft: this is your chance to literally MAKE SOMEONE'S DREAMS COME TRUE.



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Hello! You've posted your question in the Tech Community Discussion space, which is intended for discussion around the Tech Community website itself, not product questions. I'm moving your question to the OneDrive for Business space - please post OneDrive questions here in the future. 

apologies. i was following a link that was provided to me by MS official support. i can provide a transcript and a ticket number if youd like.

also: is onedrive for business the same as regular onedrive? i dont use it for business.
Ah okay, in that case, I'll move this to Microsoft 365 instead. I'm sure MS Official Support wanted you to post in an area related to your topic!

I am not a product expert so won't be able to answer your questions, but a ticket number won't help here since this is not an official support channel. This is an online community where experts (mostly not employees) can share best practices and can answer questions.