Create a link to direct users through a new login process

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I need a url that will force the user to log out then redirect them to a ms online service link where they are asked to sign in again to access the form.

Needing to validate sign ins to MSO services.

The issue is with mobile devices holding logins from apps and using those logged in Microsoft accounts to access MS forms via a QR code. If the QR code is set to retrieve details from the signed in user it will collect the wrong information as the sign out process on the phone is different to desktop workstations.

So far I've tried variations of: ID}

Any assistance?

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Doing continued work on this issue.
I think I've got it however it needs to be tailored to the application.
Here's the link I use for; I've removed the Form ID and replaced it with {FORM_ID}:

Hopefully this assists others with similar issues.