Correct the highlighted errors and try again.

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I am trying to post a different subject and get the subject error.  However nothing is highlighted.





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Oops solved the problem
I wonder how you were able to solve the issue? I have the same problem and nothing is highlighted anywhere.

AppleScript bug in Word on macOS Monterey: “print” command crashes Word There's a SEVERE BUG in Word on macOS Monterey: AppleScript "print" command crashes Word 16.x. The bug confirmed by multiple users. The crash happens when any "print settings" properties are included. There were no issues on earlier macOS versions. Examples: This script causes Word to crash with "Connection is invalid" error. The same will happen when using any number of properties: tell application "Microsoft Word" to print document 1 with properties {copies:1} The command works if no properties are included (which is of no help as without the properties the script is useless): tell application "Microsoft Word" to print document 1 This bug is a huge problem and breaks workflows of countless users, as well as my app that automates Word printing. This is my first post on this forum and I wonder if it's being monitored by Microsoft developers? Or is there a better way to report developer bugs to Microsoft? Thank you! Leo Revzin -- Zevrix Solutions
Ok it looks like the forum is indeed broken. I can post replies - but any attempt to post a new thread results in a "Correct the highlighted errors and try again." error. However, nothing is highlighted - and I can post exactly the same message as a reply. Hopefully, forum admins monitor it and can fix the board. Thanks, Leo