Converting Shared Mailbox to Active User Mailbox for exporting to PST and then removal from tenant?

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We have a number of terminated users, whose accounts were converted to Shared Mailboxes in order for Active Users to access them.


We are now ready to fully archive these mailboxes to PSTs and remove them from the system. What is required to get them to a state where the Share Mailbox can be exported to a PST, and then have the entire Shared Mailbox removed from the tenant?

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Using PSTs as backup is a receipt for disaster, especially if you need to preserve data for compliance purposes. I'd recommend using the Inactive mailboxes functionality instead:


That said, if you're set on the PST path, you can configure the shared mailbox as additional account in Outlook (via File -> Add account) and export from there. Alternatively, you can run an eDiscovery export.

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Thank you, @Vasil Michev.


After reading over the documentation this does look like the more secure and flexible option than exporting the mailboxes to PSTs.

Thanks for the point in the right direction.

Does the inactive mailbox also preserve all the personal archives for eDiscovery?