convert user to shared and remove onedrive

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I wondered what happens to OneDrive/Data of a user when converting user to shared mailbox? 


How can I convert a mailbox to shared and also remove all other resources related to that user including deleting the onedrive (since/after I downloaded all files in zipped folder)?





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Hello @Robert Lien,


Essentially what matters here is the license.

If you just convert the user over to a shared mailbox, but leave them licensed, the onedrive data will stay in place.

In your case, since you want it removed, just remove the license from the user as well once it is converted. It will then start the autoremoval process that would happen as normal, which typically is 30 days, and grants access to their "manager" in active directory to get any data that you need.

You can read the full details of the removal process here -

So in short, just unlicense them and it will take care of itself. 


Thank you, that covers it for me.

@Robert Lienmy question is similar but I want to share the onedrive files with another user.  I typically convert the mailbox of an employee who has left the company to shared to keep the mail flowing for a bit but I also want to give another user access to the onedrive files.  I think this may be the best option:

  1. do not convert mailbox to shared but instead assign delegates with Full Access
  2. then in Office 365 AC, grant access to departed user's onedrive files (I would keep the BP or E3  licensing in tact)