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Hi All,


As you are aware of content search pst download has limit of each file 10 GB for instance if there is an 100 GB of mailbox we will get 10 different pst files for respective mail box in that case how we can export all the ten split pst to the outlook


Appreciate your help, thanks



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The tool will automatically generate each individual PST, there's nothing for you to "export" manually.
Thanks Vasil for your quick response!

one information required let say there is 100 GB mail box we have 10 individual pst as there is a limit for content search export download after download of 10 pst exporting to respective mail box is a tedious task is there any solution
Not sure what you mean here, sorry. You can modify the number of concurrent download threads the tool uses in order to speed up the process, if that's what you mean.
Sorry Vasil, my question is after downloading 100 GB mailbox from content search option we will get 10 split of pst , need to import to mailbox looking for steps