Confused about Powershell and Teams admin - can anyone help?

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Hi, not sure if I have come to the right place, as I'm a learner rather than a tech expert.


The problem I am finding is a lack of context from a course I am doing, which is talking about the need to run modules in Powershell (Azure active directory, Microsoft Teams and Exchange online).  Aside from not getting the advantages of using powershell (isn't an admin able to create teams in the admin area anyway?), I am unsure of how Powershell works with Teams on my system.  Powershell is on mine, but using 365 requires logging into the cloud.  Do I have to provide info to powershell, so it knows which Teams cloud tenant I intend to work with?  Do I have to give it a command that indicates this?


If someone can recommend somewhere that explains all this in a contextual way, I'd appreciate it, rather than bothering you  more knowledgeable people, every time I run into a learning problem. 





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Hi, this is a great article (and something I’ve used myself) that should help you out.