compile generic word template document without properties, bookmarks etc...

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I have to fill in word templates with predefined information (ex: Product code / Material Number, Batch code / Batch Number, Product Description, Manufacturing date / Production date, Expiration date, etc ..).

These models are similar but not the same (it's not possible to insert bookmark properties, label etc.).

Is there an engine that allows for this? Like the one who extracts the data, it has to replace it.


I have a program that generates me a generic report about a product.
I have to put the information in the report in a specific word document for each country.
The various templates are similar, but I cannot modify them by inserting "bookmarks" or "properties" at the position into which the information is to be entered. I have to parse the document to find the location and then replace the value.

For example one word document is similar:


 Product code: XXXXX


Batch Number: XXXX


Expiry Date: MM-YYYY

Manufacturing Date: MM-YYYY



I have to replace XXXXX, XXXX, MM-YYYY, MM-YYYY with the correct values



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