Combine two tenants into a single tenant

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We rolled out Office365 several years ago under the zero cost pricing of a college (.edu).  We then rolled out a second tenant on the same Windows active directory structure.  We were told that we could not add email domains to our original tenant.  Managing two separate tenants on the same AD is complex.  Can we combine the two tenants into a single tenant even if it means giving up our free pricing for the .edu domain name?

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Afaik all EDU plans include email too (Exchange Online), so that shouldn't be a problem. Check with your local MS representatives just in case.
As to consolidating the tenants, there's no easy solution and you'll likely end up having to use a third-party tool.

hi @Clint_Chron, Vasil's right, integrating two tenants is a bit complicated. an AvePoint client, however, has successfully succeeded in migrating their two tenants together using FLY. check it out:  How to Successfully Conduct a 15 TB Microsoft 365 Tenant to Tenant Migration (Case Study) 

I don't think that there would be a technical issue in combining the two tenants into a single Office365 site, but the project could be challenging.  I need to determine why we were not able to add our additional domains to the existing domain.  All of the domains get non-profit pricing from Microsoft.  So if I have an existing Office365 site with a domain, why can't I add additional domains, if all of the organizations are non-profit?