Colleague in China cannot access our company emails on their phone

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Hi there

I have a weird issue affecting a colleague who has an email account set up on our company 365 domain in the UK, but is accessing them in China where they live.

They received a message on their (android) phone the other day (encl) saying that the authentication has failed due to the server changing. MS in China would need confirmation that I am the admin before our company emails are allowed to be sent or received via their phone. I believe that they have not done anything with this message yet and I wanted to keep it this way as I am obviously suspicious of it being a virus, particularly as they can still access company emails on their PC as normal.

Has anyone else had this issue or aware of a fix? My colleague thinks it has something to do with the recent China congress meeting as security always seems to get beefed up and something changes on the internet etc whenever this happens.

I can't get any joy from MS support at the moment. If this is an issue then supposedly many remote workers have the same issue and they would be aware of it?

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@James Foster 

Please clarify your China user are hosted in Microsoft 365 China or International?

Seems I saw you mentioned Microsoft China respond to you 

 @Kidd_Ip Hi there

I think International - the domain for 365 is based in the UK and they have their accounts (Business Basic) on this domain. As I said, no issues until a couple of weeks ago.