Co authoring in Microsoft 365 limits

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What is the limit of users co-authoring files in Microsoft 365?
I couldn't find anything official about it.


The answer I see most plausibly is that it depends on where the file is stored.


Is that correct? Does anyone know this information?

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No, it's not the end, documents are stored in SharePoint Online. If my memory serves well, this limit has never been documented...back in SharePoint 2013 times, coauthoring was limited to a maximum of 99 co-authors so I bet in SPO this limit is higher...My I ask what scenario you have in place?
Thank you Juan!
I don't have a specific scenario, it's just a question that I haven't found the answer in any docs.
But, if I have a team of 200 users on Microsoft Teams, can they all co-author? What is the most you have ever known?
The limit is based on *concurrent users*, so it does not matter how many people are in the Team, just how many need to have the document open to edit at tge same time.