Clipchamp Coming to Microsoft 365 Commercial Customers



On July 31, Microsoft announced that Clipchamp for Work will roll out to targeted release Microsoft 365 commercial tenants in the next few weeks. Although it’s good that Microsoft 365 tenants will get a very capable video editor, the goodness of the announcement is reduced by the fact that Microsoft is not making Clipchamp for Work available for Office 365 enterprise SKUs. That seems like a great pity, but it’s all part of Microsoft’s plan to nudge customers toward Microsoft 365.

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Do you know the expected timeline for Clipchamp to go from targeted release to general availability ?
Clipchamp mute video mp4 function during editing does not work! Please fix.

@TonyRedmond - We saw ClipChamp in our tenant last week in OneDrive - Create new - ClipChamp video. However, now it appears but then the screen refreshes and ClipChamp is no longer available. 


Has anyone else seen this behavior?

We have the clipchamp license in our QAS tenant. Still I dont see the option in the new menu of OneDrive. Can anyone explain the details of the roll out process and how to tell if clipchamp has rolled out including license on your tenant?

Reminder for customers who were early adopters, you may have to enable the "Microsoft 365 E3/E5 Extra Features" license to see Clipchamp in the list of available apps to assign to users.



In my company, we use Okta policies to assign M365 licenses. If you do something similar, that might impact you. Regardless, if you go into an individual user and assign the Clipchamp license by checking the box, it should show up (eventually) in the user's list of applications in the app launcher/waffle. If not, they might have to use the "Explore all your apps" > "All Apps" feature in the app launcher the first time. It might take a little bit of time for it to be available to choose, but not more than 10 to 30 minutes. Also, if you are an early adopter and don't see the Clipchamp option in your tenant at all, you may have to enable a license called "Microsoft 365 E3/E5 Extra Features". It sounds like that is not your issue, because you are seeing Clipchamp in your licenses to choose from.
Same here, licenses in place but tool not available, still confusion on current status of the rollout, same discussion and feedback we see also in the classic Stream migration calls. Is the enablement still in progress or should we open case if Clipchamp is not available ?

@Heiko Fuhrmann It takes time for software to roll out across all of Microsoft 365. I have Clipchamp now, but my tenant uses targeted release.


Clipchamp app in Microsoft 365Clipchamp app in Microsoft 365

Also, service plan must be enabled for accounts:


Clipchamp Service plan for accountClipchamp Service plan for account

Hello Tony,
we see the Clipchamp license only in Azure but not under subscription in the user profile

Meaning that the software has not yet been distributed to your Microsoft 365 tenant... Entra ID knows about the product (SKU) and service plan, but has nothing to do about how a Microsoft 365 tenant deploys apps.