Children associated with some random Family Group and can't be removed

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My daughters laptop was becoming pretty much unusable so I formatted it over the weekend. When connecting it back to her Microsoft account, I then learnt that she was part of some Family Group associated with an Organizer that I have no idea where it has come from, it's some random account and name I've never seen, and to make things worse it seems my son is also in this group.


Because they are children, they can not click on anything that allows them to remove themselves from the family group.


I then escalated a case to Microsoft (1028218745) and was informed there is literally no way to manually remove my childrens account from some foreign family group, and the actual recommendation from a supervisor that they close their account and create a new one.


Now I understand the security conundrum here, that the whole idea of a Family Account is that children can't remove themselves from it. But this also introduces a pretty major security issue that any malicious person out there could request kids join a random family group and if the kids were to accept the request to join, then there are pretty much stuck there for good.

Surely there is a way to address this? The Office365 support stuck to the script and pretty much said can't do anything manually at all. Things can always be done manually, its a matter of whether people are willing to do so, and at this time I can't find anyone in Microsoft who is willing to do it.


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