Change user & subscription details for 400+ after domain move

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HI, I need to automate the process for the user so there is no action required for there new office account. The company has been integrated so a new domain, new e mail addresses and new office subscription. I am sure this can be done (I hope) via GPO or Powershell or combo of both.  Any help greatly accepted.

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Hello@mclawn ! 
PowerShell is your best friend for bulk editing 


What is your currenct setup? Are you in a hybrid environment with AD sync? 

Or are you pure Cloud? 

Any gRoup based licensing or directly assigned? 


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Oliwer Sjöberg

Hi, hybrid environment with AD sync, directly assigned @oliwer_sundgren 

It really depends on what you mean by "no action required". Outlook will have to be reconfigured with the new address, that's usually something the migration tool would do, but not all of them support it. Office itself will have to be reactivated, for that you need to follow the steps here:

OneDrive might also need to be reconfigured, GPOs help there. 

Thank you for your reply I already knew this in regard to changing account manually, first of all we are change domain as company is been integrated into parent company, all previous account will be unsubscribe in office admin console, all user then will have a new e mail address and new account login to the new domain, I will run a powershell to reset office. then I need to be able to setup there office with there new details. I know this can be done as I worked in a company that did this.   @Vasil Michev