Change new item form in calendar view.

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This is the project, using SharePoint list for vacation planning, and it works almost perfect.


I have a flow that change a column in the form from No to Yes, if the vacation request is approved. 


So I want to hide that field form, for the list i managed to that using Power apps.


form vac ok.PNG


But in the calendar view, I can not find the correct place to hide the element, Godkjent, is it possible.

Godkjent is the column that is changed from No to Yes when the request is approved.

ok cal.PNG

Best regards

- Geir

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Second attempt,

I tried to hide the column under the element settings, but it looks like it is possible to hide an element if it is  yes or no question. Maybe i need to change that into a list choice, with yes and now to hide it.


Best Regards

- Geir

In modern view, the way to hide the a field in a list form is by either adding some JavaScript logic in the form that hides the field or by using JSLINK

Thank you Juan,


Not sure what that is. I solved it by avoiding a yes/no column, and use select from list. Then hide it under the element settings.


So problem solved.

- Geir

You can also hide columns from forms by turning on manage content types in advanced settings. Then editing the item content type and select that column and mark it hidden. This will hide it from the forms but make it visible in list views.
Thank you!