Certain PowerPoint Files Say "Downloading" When Opened From Synced OneDrive Folder

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A Mac user has their OneDrive synced with their desktop.


They are not using Files on Demand, and all folders have been fully synced with green icons next to files in question.


Only some PPT files will show a "Downloading" dialog box upon opening.


If the files are downloaded from OneDrive Online directly, "downloading" dialog box does not occur upon opening the file.


What is downloading if the files are already downloaded to their computer?

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Hi Amber

Unfortunately I'm a PC user so the Mac questions here tend to be hard for me and most other users as they are also PC.

In saying this, the question that I'd like to ask is if the file operates as normal regardless on whether it says downloading or not?

If so I wouldn't worry about trying to understand why it says what it says as the solution may not be something we can immediately determine, and if the file is working as designed then that would be the more important thing I would think!

Best wishes with your work.

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I figured out that it has to do with File Collaboration. 


We were having an issue where the PPT's in question were crashing, however, when you unchecked "use Office 2016 to sync Office files that I open", the issue was resolved.

Good stuff! Glad it was nothing too serious!!!