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Hello, I just switch an Office 365 plan to Microsoft 365 plan. In the "TransitionStatus.aspx" page, I clicked the "You're ready to go..." link and assigned the licence successfully. Also confirmed in the Azure AD Licence page.


But after I click a link "Getting started" in the email, it returns back to the  "TransitionStatus.aspx" page, and looping refresh "Processing your order". I have to go to Azure AD page to un/reassign the licence and clicked reprocess and refresh button. The licence status is correct, but cannot login page and looping stuck in the Processing your order status.


Any help? Thank you.

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Hi @CharlesWon

A few questions -

1.) Can you sign into
2.) Does it work on a different browser or incognito session
3.) Have you cleared the cache/history of the browser

Let me know how it goes

Best, Chris

Hi, @Christopher Hoard, I clean the browser data/ incognito session, using chrome and edge, and the main page is still looping. And I can login on in

But this link found in my browser history still work and found no error, just the last lucky point...

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As the other URL’s are working on clean sessions it could be that there is an issue in Microsoft’s end. I would recommend to use these for a day or two and then go back to see if it’s fully resolved.

Best, Chris