Cannot upgrade from Windows Pro to Enterprise

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Existing user has active/current Win 10 Pro, on a Surface Pro 7 with firmware embedded activation, and an associated Business Standard license. The device is joined to Azure AD and managed by Intune. Hunky dory.


We would now like to upgrade him to Microsoft 365 E3, so that the can get the benefits of Windows 10 Enterprise. We purchased/activated a license for him. He's showing up as licensed, but the device seems stuck on Win 10 Pro. All the documentation seems to state that upgrading takes place during a first-run/join experience, but mentions nothing about how an existing AAD joined device can or should be upgraded, which is the use case I'm facing. 


After 24 hours, should this have happened automatically? Or are there specific measures we must take to upgrade? The user has logged out/restarted/etc. In M365 admin he shows as licensed for Win 10 Enterprise w/M 365 E3.


Any suggestions appreciated!


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