Cannot open Microsoft Outlook

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"Cannot start microsoft outlook. Cannot open the outlook window. The set of folders cannot be opened. The information store could not be opened."


I have attempted removing and recreating the mailprofile, but when attempting to access the profiles through the mail icon in control panel, it says application not found. I have attempted editing the registry to get this working, but was unsuccessful. I cannot access the mail profiles through Outlook either as it will not open. I have repaired office. I have reinstalled office entirely. I have restarted multiple times throughout this process. I ran the Office 365 diagnostic tool and it could not resolve any issues.


I cannot find anymore troubleshooting steps regarding this issue. Please assist.


UPDATE: I can log in as a different user on the same machine and can open outlook without any issues. This user can use OWA in the meantime, but we would like to be able to use the desktop app.

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So its a problem with the windows profile for the affected user, re-create the windows profile...

I think it's a bigger problem than new profile as well.  New profile didn't fix issue, wondering if it's an 1803 Windows 10 issue with Windows Defender firewall

hi try to open outlook in safe mode without any addins. 1. choose start -> Run 2. type: outlook /safe 3. if it'll start, disable addins

@Martin Kameniar 


MS Office365 tier 2 techs have been trying to fix similar issue for us for over two months now.  Difference in the issue compared to you is that it only occurs when we add a second mail box to the profile. Deleting profiles and ost's fixed the issue for anywhere from an hour to 3 days. Outlook doesn't crash but won't reopen after nomal exit.


If you delete the second mail box Outlook opens fine.

Haven't been able to thoroughly test, but appears that creating a new profile with only the formerly secondary mail box does not have the issue.

SARA, and the detailed diag logs that were running before and after issue supposedly are normal.  OWA normal. Win10 mail can handle both accounts at once no problem.

Tech today thought I should try a new profile with the formerly secondary mailbox installed as the primary one. Then add the formerly primary one.  Unfortunately that introduces a whole other set of issues and makes it easy to send mail with the wrong "sent by" address. Plus a hundred emails showed up in the new Outbox which were actually sent ok a month ago.

Maybe a windows thing but all 4 pcs are at most 2 year old hardware with anywhere from standard release Win 10 to slow channel Windows Insider.  Office 365 is slow channel monthly.



@Len Raphael 


So the second account that you are trying to add is the Shared mailbox or is it a user mailbox...


If it is a shared mailbox... how are you adding it ? By checking the download shared folders item or like a user account by providing the username and password...?


Make sure if you are adding it by using the username and password, uncheck the download shared folders icon...

@Robin Nishad  Not a shared or delegated mailbox.  Just a mailbox to which I have the login credentials for full access.  Add it the same way I added the first (my main) Office 365 mailbox when creating the OL profile via control panel or from inside OL.

don't recall seeing a "shared folders icon" at all. Could you upload a screen shot of that?

@Len Raphael 


The screenshot is attached... try to uncheck this and then configure the profile...

The issue still seem to exists in 2022. It seem to have something to do with the cache. When you stop the synchronization of the shared maps for the second email everything works fine in Outlook 365. This problem doesn't appear in Outlook 2019.