Cannot display TEAMS other domain login dialog.

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Hi Everyone,

Im new to this Conversation loop, trust I have the correct Comm. 

I have an issue with Teams startup. I manage two separate and distinct domains, IE two different companies. and Domain2.other.yyy 

Both domains have their own 365. The problem is when Teams is starting up say on a PC in Im getting a dialog box asking for user to enter credentials. I know this is expected, however The issue is I want them to login to their Teams account in Domain2.other.yyy hence I want to disable the login box and only have Domain2.other.yyy login presented. Any suggestions or answer is appreciated. 

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I know it’s a mess using the desktop app on a domain computer trying to use another account!
AFAIK there is no fix for this except maybe use the web client, I might be wrong though

Don't bother with it. Login to the client with one of the accounts, and leave it like that. For the other use the browser client, or use the method detailed here to have multiple copies of the Teams client:

Hi Vasil,

That's what I would prefer as well. The problem is the Login Dialog that comes up first is the wrong one. So we can simply x out of it then the Teams client logs in using an error code of 4c7. Its odd that I cant just say to Teams do not load the login dialog for Domain1.diff. (first wrong domain) and just present to me the login Dialog from Doamin2.other (external outside domain). 


Thanks for replying. Yes the issue is we dont want to use web on our domain PC's. Except of course when outside on another computer.