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I retired from my job and I had a premium Office 365 account.  The account was handed over to my replacement and the profile was changed with a new pw chosen.     I then subscribed to a personal office365 accnt with my personal email,  etc.  But now when I go to signon, the popup asking if the business/work accnt or the personal accnt is to be signed on.  But both have my work id(email)  id in it.  How do I get rid of that information?

Also, I downloaded the Mobile Office app to my iphone.  When trying to signon via OneNote, the old work uid is there asking for the pw-- which I no longer have.   There is an option to "signon using a different accnt."  But when I choose it, the old uid keeps coming up and won 't allow to enter the new id/email.   Any ideas would be welcomed.





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I suggest you login to an 'in-private' browser session to eliminate any local caching of credentials. If you enter a personal (non-business) account you should then be able to proceed.



Seem there is two issues:


1. Popup asking if the business/work account or the personal account is to be signed on

What platform do you encounter the problem with? Seem like the profile cache in your profile say Internet broswer


2. Mobile Office app to my iPhone

Please try removing the app and install once again