Cannot change order shared mailbox folders Outlook on the web

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Hi all,

With the new experience in Outlook on the Web it is no longer possible to:


- Change the order of folders in shared mailbox

- Add a folder of a shared mailbox to favorites


It is also strange that the folder in the shared mailbox that is used most frequently, comes after folders like archive, conversation history etc. People have to scroll a lot to get to their fav


Could Microsoft make this functionality available for Outlook on the web? 

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There are few threads here at the MTC discussing features missing from the new OWA experience, best look them up and post there. Or open an item on UserVoice. 

I'm struggling to find any posts relevant to this particular issue, @Vasil Michev. So, this is still something missing from the product almost three years later!


So, that seems to be a three year deflection from the issue raised in the OP.


If Microsoft were thread-locking/archiving, like so many tech companies seem to do on their fora, this would not be so easily identifiable as yet another permanent loss of functionality from a product on the wholesale inexorable slide into the world of Minimal Viable Product.