Cannot change From in meeting invite to send as boss

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Person A is responsible for setting up meetings for Boss. Person A has Full Access permission to the boss' mailbox. When creating a new meeting request in Outlook, Person A clicks on the boss' calendar under the Shared Calendars group and chooses New Meeting. Outlook shows the From line with Person A's email address. The From button is visible but disable. We can't click that to change to the boss' email address.


The workaround so far has been to simply send meeting invites to include the boss and others but we need to have Person A not be part of the meetings at all. I've looked at this link. We're following these steps but the From field still shows Person A's email address. What can we do to let Person A schedule meetings for her boss without including herself?


 The From field in a meeting request does not list all accounts in Microsoft Outlook


Outlook version is 16.0.13127.20566 (64-bit) on Win 10 (10.0.19042)

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Hi, verify that you have configured Send As or Send on Behalf, whatever you'd like to use. Full Access isn't enough when it comes to "From".
Thank you Christian. In this case the delegate has Full Access, Send As, and Send on Behalf of. In Powershell it looks like:

PS C:\> Get-MailboxPermission pglover

Identity User AccessRights IsInherited Deny
-------- ---- ------------ ----------- ----
boss NT AUTHORITY\SELF {FullAccess, ReadPermission} False False
boss {FullAccess} False False

FolderName User AccessRights SharingPermissionFlags
---------- ---- ------------ ----------------------
Calendar Default {AvailabilityOnly}
Calendar Delegate {Editor} Delegate
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Cant tell really using phone, but looks ok. Usually the SharingPermissionFlags are missing. What happens when using Outlook on the web? Have you created a new Outlook profile?
Thanks, Christian. When she tries to send a meeting invitation in the Boss' calendar in OWA it is the same, that the message comes from the delegate. There isn't a FROM button in OWA to change the name for the meeting invitation. We have tried a profile change.

One new thing - the person I'm working with says this isn't new. She had a previous computer where the same behavior happens. That seems to confirm that it's a server-side issue so something with permissions?

Definitely permissions I would say. Tried removing and adding again? You could use the Outlook client as well (end-user delegation). Forgot, hence the "edit". You have From in Outlook on the web, you just have to enable it from the menu bar. So give it a go online again to see what happens. Btw, Exchange online right?


Old post, but still good Managing Outlook delegates via PowerShell | Blog (

Yes, Microsoft 365. Thanks. You've given me some leads. I'll talk to my client again today and I'll try to remove and re-add permissions when I do and let you know what I find.

Still doesn't work but we may have a workaround. I removed the Full Access permission at the mailbox level and the Editor permission at the Calendar level, waited 15 minutes, and reapplied, but the behavior is the same. She is able to use OWA, switch to the boss's calendar, and send a meeting invite from there. I don't think she's happy with this solution but that workaround is successful.

@David Dawson Hello again, thanks for the update. I think it got obvious to me just now, but let's ping Mr. Exchange for confirmation.


@Vasil Michev I read Davids reply above and it made me wonder. This must be that the Full Access mailbox-level permission overwrites the set Editor calendar folder permission, which in turn is the prerequisite for the SharingPermissonFlags parameter. Right?

Hey, I think we're all done now. It's possible I was confused by the initial symptoms. I reported that we didn't have access to change the From field. It's still like that but I confirmed that when she sends from the Boss' calendar it is showing as from the Boss, not from herself. We did a few tests to confirm that.

Outlook still shows the From and doesn't allow her to change or specify a different name. Outlook doesn't show the From field in my tests with a delegate account but IS working as expected. I'm really not sure why she's seeing the From field but that ended up being a distraction, not a sign of any real problem after all.

There was no real changes that I can think of. I did create a new profile and also did remove and put her permissions back in but I think it was exactly how it was before. Thanks @ChristianBergstrom so very much for your guidance.