Cannot change country is causing me legal issues

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Apparently, you are not allowed to change country at Microsoft 365.. neither you can change your credit card (from another country).


What happens when someone (individual) or a startup (legal entity) has to change country?


It is an unbelievable situation, having to switch off all services (off board) and then create a new Office 365 account, and migrate all the services just because you or the company decides to relocate to another country.


Seems like a massive capability miss and the customer experience is hit big time (at least in my case).


Microsoft 365 is insisting on billing and invoicing a company that does not exist any more, and the address is invalid. While me, the owner of the account, I am totally blocked - not allowed to just change the country. I am seeking legal advise at the moment, hope the product owners of Microsoft 365 realises that this is a totally not acceptable situation.

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@mendrinos we're in the same boat as yours. Your post is almost 1 year old, but in case you still monitoring this forum... did you find a resolution to your problem?

We have the same requirement to change our M365 account from one country to another. I was on a call with a MS support and the suggestions given were to remove the old domain, create a new MS365 account and move the tenants over. But there was no specific steps given and I am afraid it would cause prolonged disruption to the users using the M365 office products.

Then I found a link that seems to allow legal entity change tied to the Microsoft Customer Agreement.

Has anyone gone down this route before?