Cannot add quiz to Assignment

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I am unable to add any of my "group quizzes" in Microsoft forms to an assignment for a class in Teams.  When I select "create" and then "quiz" the only ones that show up from Forms are the ones that are outside my group.  I have no way to select a group quiz.  Can anyone let me know whats wrong?  My IT department is hopeless.  

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@nmstough The assignments section only allows selection from your quizes currently. you cannot select group quizes. One Work around would be to create a personal quiz. assign it to an assignment and then move it to the Class group quiz... 

@Maruthi Gadde .  Thats strange.  I was in an "office hours" with someone from Microsoft who said it worked on his system.  Anyway the problem is that the quizzes are already created and also graded.  I want to add them to the assignments now after the deadline is passed so that the grades will get into the grades tab.  So I cant just make new ones obviously.  What would be the best way to proceed?