cannot add account in outlook of Office365

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REMARK; I had the same problem in december 2017 , and after a couple of days Outlook could make the account  as MS Exchange type.


In Outlook Office365 has always worked an account and now suddenly no longer,
  I can not receive and send emails, after having deleted  the account  I wanted to recreate the account,  but unfortunately I can not get it to work  I get error: : something went wrong and your account was not set up,

After that, I tried the POP, IMAP and account type , however, this does not work.
When was still working, it was a Microsoft Exchange type.
I can read and write my mail from via, also i can make account in Windows Mail

Why does it suddenly stop working in Office365 Outlook?


Offcat gave no problems. 

I tried with no success all this what is advised( i also enabled POP in the  account )  :

POP, IMAP, and SMTP settings for
If you want to add your account to another email program that supports POP or IMAP, here are the manual server settings you'll need.

IMAP server name
IMAP port 993
IMAP encryption method TLS
POP server name
POP port 995
POP encryption method TLS
SMTP server name
SMTP port 587
SMTP encryption method STARTTLS

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after a week i get still the error :

 something went wrong and your account was not set up,

In Outlook Office365 has always worked this account and now suddenly no longer


what can cause this error?

i tried every day if i could add new account in Outlook 365  and now after 11 days i tried it again to add new account  and now it worked again

new email account was setup very quickly


i did  not change anything here, so it must be a problem at Microsoft !!!!