Cannot add a account to Outlook desktop app Office 365

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When I try to add a account to Outlook 365 (desktop app), the account is not discovered and when I spedify "" it asks me for credentials and reports that the username doesn't exist.

I can login with this account directly in, the account exists and I don't have any alias.

But I can configure the account in Outlook 2013 on the same computer.

It was configured on Outlook 365 but since last month start to ask me credentials and reporting the message of non-existent username, that, in a matter of fact, exists. I deleted the account and I could never re-add it.

What might be wrong? It seems that is connected with some update of Office 365 around March, when it started to ask me for login.

Attached are five images: AddAccount.jpg - Screenshot of the add account from Outlook 365; LoginFailed.jpg - Message stating that the name can be incorrect; LoginOL.jpg - Screenshot of the login form in; AccountType.jpg - Chooser of the account type (created by me); LoginSuccess.jpg - screenshot of the account logged in with the credentials that were rejected by Outlook 365.


A light on this would be appreciated.

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@paulo_j_pinto did you ever figure this out? I am having the same problem. I don't know if this is Microsoft's way of trying to get folks with custom domains to move them to a business account so we have to pay but all this will make me do is move to a different service entirely!

@KenBrannigan, I think that my problem is related with the username. In the past I had to create an alias to one of my mail accounts that was migrated from a ISP to and I found out that may *real* username was something like "email address removed for privacy reasons" and all other emails were just alias.

The point is I can login in with the browser with my principal alias, but I cannot add the account without it. Moreover, You can only discover what is your real username is after adding the account.

You can add the account to Windows 10 mail client withou issues, but you cannot discover your real username that way, nor with the browser.

So we're stuck until Microsoft can allow us to add our accounts with our alias, as we can in the browser or in the Windows 10 mail client.

The email "removed for privacy reasons" is something llike "outlook_E2Exxxxx (at)"