Cannot access admin account (Office365 & Azure)

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I am trying to log into an Office365 admin account, this occurs:

Skjermbilde 2021-09-01 163512.png


That's fine, but when clicking "This" or "Next" (As it should be), i get redirected to this page:


Skjermbilde 2021-09-01 163719.png

The multi-factor authentication policy is misconfigured. Contact your admin to enable notification and verification code for the mobile app in the policy. For more information, see the


The problem is, how do i log in? This occurs on the admin account.

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Are you the only admin? If not perhaps someone changed settings. If so, I hope someone can still sign in. Otherwise this would be a perfect case where a break glass or emergency access account could be useful. If no one can sign in, the only option you have left is to contact Microsoft Support.

@pvanberlo Seems like the rest of the users can log in just fine.

Sendt this to microsoft. Thanks for the reply =)