Can we use Client ID and secret to connect to Project Online API instead of username and password ?

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Hi All,


Just like Sharepoint online, Instead of using user name and password, can we use client ID and secret to connect Project Online APIs (CSOM or REST)?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks in Advance.

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@RajKumar_Allepu Using an app registration in Azure AD, permissions can be provided to access various Project related APIs. They're listed under SharePoint.




Those are all Delegate permissions though, not application ones, so you cannot use the client credentials flow with them.
Hi Vasil Michev & pvanberlo,

Thanks for your response. That means we still need to supply user name and password to create a projectcontext object correct?

Have referred the below Brian smith's blog, I can see that still he was reading the user credentials with an interactive dialog.