Can't log in to office on desktop

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I can't seem to sign into my office account from desktop apps. I can log in from online but when I try to open documents on word etc. I can't cause it wont connect. Office asks for an email.  I write it down and it loads for 2 secs then the window goes away and nothing happens. I have tried to put a wrong email and it gives an error as it should. 

My ACCOUNT is activated so office works, but I can't login and edit files in the desktop apps.

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There was a similar issue few months back with an older version of Office, so my advise here is to make sure you are running the latest updates. You can also try to Sign out of Office, clear any stored credentials in Credentials manager and the registry and try again. Which version are you on?

Version 1708 

Build 8431.2215

Uninstalled all of office and downloaded again but still nothing.

I would work with your Office 365 administrators to ensure your desktop client is updating and they can diagnose any blocking issues. If by chance you are the admin for your organisation raising a support ticket with Microsoft may help address your issues. It is very difficult for community members here to offer a specific solution for you without access to your environment. Best wishes.

Is your PC Windows 10?  Go to Start - Settings - Accounts - Access Work or School - then Disconnect anything you see listed there, and try to log back into the Desktop app...

Along with removing your work account you may have to clear any Office 365 cached credentials in the Windows credentials manager. Then restart you pc, add your work account back and then open Word and it should automatically find and associate with your work account. That's assuming that there isn't any licensing issue.


This has worked for me in the past.

Me funcionó perfecto, gracias!