Can´t install Microsoft 365 in my computer

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Hi everybody. I bought this product but only shows my documents in the cloud. When I try to install the apps in my computer, I have several error messages "you need administrator permissions" and others. I unistalled previous versions of Office. In my receipt I don´t have a key. I spent two hours trying to solve it. But really, I can´t install Office apps from the cloud to my computer. I can only see the documents in the cloud. I appreciate your help, Sylvia

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Any screen-shots? Not sure the error came from your PC?

@Kidd_Ip  Thanks a lot for your reply. This is an error message, I translate something from spanish. "Can´t install in this actualization channel. Ask the the system administrator". Does it help? Have a nice day

**Ensure Administrator Permissions:** Make sure you are logged into your computer with an account that has administrator permissions. You need admin rights to install software on your computer.

2. **Use Office Deployment Tool:** If you're deploying Microsoft 365 for a business or organization, you may need to use the Office Deployment Tool. This allows you to customize and control the deployment of Microsoft Office products.

3. **Check Subscription Status:** Double-check that your Microsoft 365 subscription is active and not expired. You can do this by logging into your Microsoft account and verifying your subscription status.

4. **Try a Different Browser:** If you're trying to install Microsoft 365 from the web, try using a different web browser to see if that resolves the issue.

If you provide more details about the specific error messages you're encountering, I can offer more targeted advice.