Can't add Viva Engage community calendar to Outlook

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We would like to experiment with using the SharePoint Online Web part that allows you to display a group calendar on a SharePoint Online page.  Our idea is to use a Viva Engage community as a means to create that group calendar so that the features of a community can also be used for this scenario.  I assumed that it worked similarly to Microsoft Teams whereas along as the "HiddenFromExchangeClientsEnabled" property is FALSE for the connected group, that either all community admins/members would see the group calendar show up in Outlook automatically OR you could manually add the calendar in your calendar lists in Outlook.  Neither seem to be the case.


What's interesting about the group that connects to a Viva Engage community is the ""HiddenFromExchangeClientsEnabled" property is FALSE by default.  However, the group calendar does not appear in Outlook.  As a community admin, I tried to manually add the calendar and I get an error message "Couldn't add [group]. You may not have permissions".


Does anyone know why I'm running into that error and/or why the group mailbox is not showing up in Outlook by default since the property states that it is not hidden?  Is it not possible to view Viva Engage group calendars in Outlook?



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