Can't add Calendar

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Using Microsoft Outlook for Microsoft 365 on a PC (not using OWA).


I have a user that has added a calendar to their contacts. When they go to Add Calendar and select From Address Book>Contacts, Outlook gives an error message "We can't add the calendar right now. Please try again later". I've tried researching online but just can't find anything to help solve this issue. 





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Can you clarify what you mean by "added a calendar to their contacts"? Generally speaking, in order to add a calendar via the From Address Book method, it needs to be a member of your organization, or an organization you have configured federated sharing with. You cannot just use any address.

@Vasil Michev 

i have a similar issue and this is happening to my organisation as well. Please any ideas about possible sticking point .

Having the same issue. Can't add a room calendar.@rma1138 

@rma1138 I have the same problem. I had originally set up and then it stopped working with the same error message you get.

Same issue:
Microsoft Outlook version 2206 (Build 15330.20264 Click-to-Run)
I go to "Add calendar > from Address book (offline or global, it doesn't matter) > Get the message "We can't add calendar for <Scarlet Johannsson> right now. Please try again later."

Other users were able to add prior to this incident.
I'm assuming only certain users as other random users I've tested I was able to added. I've had other users test out adding this affected user as well and results were the same.
I've determined my issue to be user permissions issue.

User had set the default permissions to "none" in their Outlook calendar.
You can check if that's the case by running via,
Get-MailboxFolderPermission <UserEmail>:\Calendar

You'll get output similar to this...
FolderName User AccessRights SharingPermissionFlags
---------- ---- ------------ ----------------------
Calendar Default {None}

Or manually check it on by going to user's computer and right-click on user's calendar and click on "Sharing Permission."
I encountered the same problem.

Microsoft has introduced this 'Shared Calendar Improvement' program which seems to create more problems than improvement.
We turned off this option in user's Outlook for Windows and it seems to fix the problem.
However, I cannot guarantee that this option might turn itself back on again.

I wish Microsoft can be more transparent about this 'Shared Calendar Improvement' programme and all the current issues that it has created.


I had the manager that shared their calendar with me uncheck the "Turn on shared calendar improvements" checkbox on their end. I tried to open the shared calendar again, but the same error message popped up. I then unchecked the same "Turn on shared...." check box on my end and I was finally able to add the manager's shared calendar to my outlook.