Can Mac users use Microsoft 365, if Microsoft 365 includes Windows 10?

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I stumbled across 'Microsoft 365' today while watching a webinar.  Later I watched Satya announce it on a video.  What value does the name 'Microsoft 365' offer?  It is not clear to me at this point. Thanks  Greg

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I don't see your point here...of course a MAC user can use everything that is included in Microsoft 365 including Windows 10 since Windows 10 can be deployed on a MAC Laptop. Of course, you can decide to skip Windows 10 (and related stuff in Microsoft 365) and use the rest of elements that are part of Microsoft 365

@Juan Carlos González Martín - It was name fatigue.  It wasn't a particularly helpful post.  One way we'll will see others experience name fatigue is when they have to choose between posting to Office 365 or Microsoft 365.