Can I migrate mailboxes from Office 365 tenant to another Office 365 tenant?

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How can I migrate users mailbox from Office 365 tenant to Office 365 tenant, I have found Microsoft blog to complete the migration process with this way I need third party software.
Due to the urgent need, I have to migrate users data from one Office 365 tenant to parent company Office 365 tenant, so suggest me a solution to perform this migration task.

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Yes, use a a third-party tool. It is the fastest and easiest way for you to migrate mailboxes between two tenants. If you are changing domain at the same time these tools can help you rewriting addresses in your mail objects. Some tools also help you to create the new users in the new tenant and assign licenses.


You could export mails to PST and import them but will take you a while and will be more complex so the time you have to put on it will be more expensive than the license cost for the third party tool.

Agree with Linus! Use a third party tool! I've got some experience with some tools so let me know if you need tips on which one to use!!


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Would recommend BitTitan for this one

Have done several tenant to tenant migrations with this, it covers Exchange and OneDrive. Would also recommend ShareGate for the SharePoint work. If you are using Office this can simply be disconnected and reconnected if you are moving over to the same SKU in the destination tenant.

Just to note (or a caveat), that tenant to tenant migrations are more complex if you are already using multiple workloads. If you just have Exchange and Office, for example, it is reasonably straightforward. If you have, for example, Flow then you will have to completely rebuild them as there is no migration tool. It may also involve the manual move of data if you are using Stream because again, there is no migration tool.

Hope that adds to the conversation.

Best, Chris

Best, Chris

Can y'all please refrain from naming third party tools? Everyone can just google them if needed, no need to turn this boards into a spam fest...

Good, it could be a long thread if everybody are going to name their favorite vendor. There are many different third-party tools with different capabilities. Some only migrate user mailbox, some migrate shared mailboxed, etc. There is also a price difference so even if a tool can migrate almost everything it might be enough with an cheaper tool that only do what you need.

Yes, we do not allow links to third-party tools in this community. Feel free to suggest them since it's a direct answer to the question, but no links, please!

@Christopher Hoard using a third party tool can we migrate Policies as well? i know we can't migrate policies migrating a data from file server to sahrepoint online or exchange server to office 365, is it the same case for tenant to tenant migration?

Hi @santhumax

It would depend on the provider and their tool. I would reach out to the third parties and inquire if they cover what you are specifically looking to migrate. You will also have to balance functionality with the cost of that tool.

Hope that helps

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Thanks for your suggestion: @Linus Cansby Yes, this task is possible with third party software, I have used SysTools Migrator for Office 365 to Office 365 migration and yes with this tool I have successfully migrated my data.