Can Excel 365 script to run local cmd/batch files and update spreadsheet data w/Dropbox file link?

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Hi! I'm considering purchasing an Office 365 subscription, but before doing so want to make sure it will meet my needs. I'm hoping you can help guide me to know if it will meet my needs.  I currently own Office 2007.

My need is to:
- have a shared spreadsheet three local users on my LAN can edit simultaneously
- be able to run a script in that spreadsheet that loops through rows repeatedly.
For each row, scans the local file system for a file matching that row. When there's a match, it needs to:

  1. copy the local file to another local location (Dropbox sync will upload to Dropbox from here)
  2. Run an O/S command (ffmpeg, to create another version of the file)
  3. Run code to find a same-named file in an online Dropbox folder, create or fetch it's shared link, and update that link into a column in that spreadsheet row
  4. Send an e-mail with that link to a user specified in that spreadsheet row

I'm concerned that the new Office might only work with online files and may not work for my need, being able to access local files and such, while allowing the shared file capabilities.


Looking forward to any guidance you can offer!  Can Excel 365 do this?  Do I need to somehow make Excel 2007 work?   If using Excel 365, perhaps I have the local looping CMD file scanning for new local files and doing the copying stuff, Dropbox Sync take care of the upload, and then use Excel 365 in the cloud to take care of the Dropbox link sync and e-mailing?

Thank you again for any steering and/or sample code you could point me to!

:) Rob

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