‎Can a shared mailbox be migrated into a Microsoft 365 Group?‎

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We current have an actively used Shared Mailbox (call it service@company.com).

However, we now want to create a full Microsoft 365 Group called Service, and have that email address associated with it, along with the other functions of a Group (Teams, SharePoint, etc.)

How would I go about doing this? If I create the Group and name it 'Service' will M365 automatically use that Shared Mailbox and turn it into the Group mailbox?

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Microsoft does not provide a direct way to do such migration, but it seems it's something that can be potentially done as explained here: https://www.nucleustechnologies.com/supportcenter/kb/migrate-office-365-shared-mailbox-to-office-365... I have not tested the tool or the scenario though


No. There is an option available for converting a classic distribution list to a modern Microsoft 365 group. The primary reason is, that the associated Microsoft 365 group mailbox in some way acts like a classic shared mailbox, but it is hidden from the administration. The object you can control is the group object. In addition, a Microsoft 365 group comes with a SharePoint site.
You must create a new Microsoft 365 group for that purpose.
But be aware that the backend process for creating the group uses the domain in your tenant that is set as default. Not every client, allowing group creation, provides an option to enter an email address of your choice. In that case, you can change the primary address afterward manually.
Here is further information that you might follow, when using Exchange hybrid:

Thanks for the link. This is interesting to us since we are a hybrid deployment and want to start using O365 Groups more