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We are developing an application where we want to preview documents in an iframe using


The documents are stored within the app but to make them publically available for we have to retrieve them via a REST API endpoint.


In an attempt to make the endpoint more secure we want to pass an authentication token along with the document ID.


The iframe SRC looks like:



Where the $AbsolutePath is:









For some reason, the call works when we just pass the document ID as a parameter but not when we try to pass the authentication token too.


I should also note that when we pass the URL to google docs it seems to work, so I'm wondering if I'm passing the url incorrectly to


Does anyone know where we are going wrong?


Any help would be very much appreciated.




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I was having same issue, when passing Storage SAS token for PPT to view in office app : , You do url encode with the token that shouldl work.