Calling any Microsoft Partners - have you seen this about IURs?

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Just came across a few posts talking about IURs being discontinued as they are now, for Microsoft Partners.  IURs will be based on your competencies!  

Here is one blog about it

Hopefully, clarification from Inspire next week!

Any thoughts out there?

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No good thoughts certainly, or polite enough to share on a public forum :D We'll surely hear more about this at Inspire.

@Vasil Michev Why, it's already in the public domain.  I have not shared anything that is not already out there and being talked about.  If I had shared a document just for Partners then I could understand your comment.  What are your reasons for not sharing on this community?

@Vasil Michev apologies for my comment on your comment.  I have just reread it and realised i misunderstood what you said :-(.  Glad to hear that it has just been announced that the changes are now not happening.  Once again my apologies for misunderstanding what you said :)