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Is it possible to change the username of multiple users in Office 365? Not the users domain but the username.

Is it possible doing it in the Office 365 admin center or in other way?

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Hello@davgal ! 
Changing the Domain suffix is easy to do in bulk
However, changing the Alias part of the username in bulk takes a bit more. 

You'll need to prepare some CSV files in order to match what username you want to set for what user. 
then do a foreach loop to change it in bulk. 


Takes some preperation and altering to get it right. 


Let me know if you need guidance. 

PS use the whatif switch before to see what exactly will change :) 


Oliwer Sjöberg

Hi @oliwer_sundgren 

and thanks for your reply!


what I need to do is change current usernames in Office 365, for example from dave.gal@contoso.com to m0001@contoso.com. This for 500 user.

Should I use powershell for the foreach loop? Must the csv only have the old username and the new one?