Building a resilient organization on Microsoft 365


Microsoft 365 is an integrated cloud platform that delivers industry-leading productivity apps like Microsoft Teams, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, along with intelligent cloud services and world-class security. In “Building a resilient organization on Microsoft 365,” we discussed some of the ways Microsoft 365 is helping organizations adapt and stay productive in an unpredictable world.

We heard inspiring stories from customers, such as Atos, about how they’ve used Microsoft 365 to help their organizations through their initial response and recovery efforts, and presented findings from a recent survey of 500 IT pros. That survey showed that organizations further along in adopting Microsoft 365 were more confident in their ability to remain flexible, resilient, and productive in the face of change.

We also shared demos of new features in Microsoft 365 that help keep teamwork and information exchange vibrant while working remotely, including the newly redesigned Outlook for Mac and general availability of Productivity Score in October.

This blog complements the session by providing additional guidance on videos and resources mentioned in the session.

Update/correction to Microsoft Ignite session

For those who watched, two corrections to points cited in the Microsoft Ignite session.

Where we discuss the challenges IT organizations are being asked to take on and the steps they’ve taken towards digital transformation at 06:47, 86% (not 85%) of customers that were surveyed, out of 500 organizations, told us they were actively engaged in a digital transformation effort, and another 11% said they planned to get underway. 

In terms of user satisfaction with the remote work experience, we saw that high adopters of Microsoft 365 reported 3.1x (not 2.1x) higher levels of user satisfaction with the remote work experience relative to peers less adopted on Microsoft 365. This is a correction to the statement made at 09:04 in the session video.

Lastly, the data points on device management shown at 20:40 are from the “Building a Resilient Organization Through Integrated Cloud-based IT” study. For the comprehensive research study on the benefits customers have seen by adopting Microsoft 365, please check out the e-book: Building a Resilient Organization through Integrated Cloud-based IT.

Microsoft Ignite digital breakouts, skilling videos, customer evidence

Throughout the session, Catherine, Chanda, and A.J. mentioned ways you can learn more about the breadth of features, capabilities, and services within Microsoft 365.

Digital Breakouts:

Deep Dive Skilling Videos and Interactives:

Customer Evidence:

We're also showcasing how businesses are harnessing the power of Microsoft 365 to optimize their organizations and help their customers. Check out this Fireside Chat with Ralf van Houtem from Atos and find more stories at

Microsoft 365 resources

Finally, check out these resources you can use today to help you on your cloud journey.

Microsoft 365 is the complete, integrated solution that customers need to build a resilient organization and move forward with confidence. It empowers and delights users while helping organizations increase efficiency, drive business growth, and manage risk. So don’t delay. Start learning how to get more out of Microsoft 365 by exploring the sessions and resources provided in this post – and then reach out to us to take the next step. No matter where you are on your journey with Microsoft 365, we are here to help empower you to do more for your organization.


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