Build and share different customer contact lists

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A Customer of mines is asking for a solution to manage customer contacts.

They are in a mixed environment: some users have Office 365 Business Premium, and some have Office 365 Business Essential, thus the Outlook Customer Manager is not available for all users (not included in Essential licence).

They are building some lists of customers (Europe customers, Asia customers, ...).

They want everyone in the office to access those lists (one user is in charge of updating the lists).

No need to access on smartphones, it's for Microsoft Outlook on PC only.

What solution should I suggest them? 

Thank you!


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Depends on what type of functionality they want for those. If you want to keep them in Outlook, you can use a Public Folder-based Contacts list, or simply a shared mailbox to which you can grant the necessary permissions. SharePoint-based list is also a good option, and it can be synced to Outlook. On the other side of the spectrum, you can get one of the CRM offerings :)