Bug on excel online version - locked cells

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Let's explain the situation:

In my company, we have office365 and many people don't have the extended access (so they can't use the desktop version of excel word etc, they can only open and work on files online).

Since a few days, when using an excel file that has locked cells, they get the message as if all cells are locked si they can't work on those files at all.

Using the same files in the desktop version works well (locked cells are locked, and unlocked cells are unlocked) and using those files by someone who has the extended version works also well.


Any idea what to do? Please... I've not idea what's going on, and how to solve this...

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Did Excel file protected?


Microsoft Excel Online.

  1. Open Microsoft Excel Online
  2. Click File tab and select Options
  3. In Options dialog box, click the Protection tab
Yes it is protected so people can't mess
up calculation. But there are cells unlocked so they can work on it (where there are supposed to)