Broken deeplinks from deleted files on "Shared with me" -section on Office-apps

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Hi all,


I have same problem that someone have also commented on Microsoft Community regarding to "Shared with me" section on Office apps.


Two months ago I made some spring cleaning on my inbox and I deleted some old emails and their attachments. After that, I noticed that on "Shared with me" -section on Office-apps, I can still see some Word-, Excel- and PowerPoint-files from deleted emails. My "Shared with me" -section is now cluttered on non-workable files that are no longer exists and their deeplinks are (of course) broken. I want to delete those non-workable files from my "Shared with me" -list.


Usually when user delete email that includes Word-, Excel- or PowerPoint-attachments, those files will be removed from "Shared with me" -section on those apps. This time, this didn't happened even emails have been deleted. I don't know why.


Anyone noticed this before and is this something that Microsoft is aware of?


I have noticed this problem on following apps and services:


  • Word Online
  • Excel Online
  • PowerPoint Online
  • Word for iOS
  • Word for iPadOS
  • Excel for iOS
  • Excel for iPadOS
  • PowerPoint for iOS
  • PowerPoint for iPadOS
  • Office app for Windows 10
  • Office app for iOS
  • Office app for iPadOS
  • Microsoft 365 Apps for Windows 10
    • Word
    • Excel
    • PowerPoint

I have sent some feedback about this issue few times via Feedback-function on Office apps.


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Yesterday, I contacted Microsoft Support (got support case number and everything) about this and support personnel said that he will discuss this issue with the team behind the feature (because for me, this looks like some sort of bug) and reply me via email. Well today, ticket was closed without any response. Of course I was pissed because I didn't get any response plus looks like this is issue that is also affecting other users as well.