Bringing Visio to Microsoft 365: Diagramming for everyone


We’re excited to share that we’ll be bringing core Visio capabilities to Microsoft 365 for all commercial license subscribers. Visio in Microsoft 365 will come with a web app that will offer core Visio functionalities and allow business users to create, edit, and share professional diagrams. Learn more


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@Ben Dunford 

Ben are you UK, Europe or US based?

US-based. We're a small company--only 40 users. I don't administer our MSFT, but let me know if there's any other info y'all are interested in.
It still hasn't appeared to any of my tenants, as of 28th September.

@Nishant_Kumar1435 when will this begin rolling out to GCC tenants?



Yes Visio is now available in "All Apps" now !



@Nishant_Kumar1435 Is there a way to  "force" it to appear in a tenant? Maybe a Powershell command or setting to enable?

Microsoft has a webinar yesterday around M365/Visio, but could not confirm when it will be available in Europe, so not really that useful having the webinar if we don't know when the functionality will be available

I don't see Visio in 'all apps?' I'm in the US? @jamesandrewsac 

Great idea. I can see it since today in my client's tenant (Office E3) but I can't see it in my M365BP tenant yet.




Where in the world are you located? US/UK ? Norway?

Located in the USA. 

Tried this M365 version of Visio but it is quite disappointing, it does not at all allow adding data to shapes. So the use is very limited.
Our tenant is in Europe and we still don't see Visio in the app launcher but we can access it thru the link
Visio now appears on my all apps in my tenants in the UK. Haven't had the opportunity yet to test out the limits of the functionality yet but glad it's finally arrived. Also accessible via this link:
Visio now appearing in Teams apps list, but when I open it is only allowing me to upload a file, as opposed to opening the actual Visio app. So kind of there, but not really there.