Booking Microsoft 365 Resources in Teams

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We have several resource mailboxes in our Microsoft 365/Exchange Online tenant that represent several conference rooms. Our users can book these "rooms" when creating a meeting in Outlook. They start typing the resource name in "Location" and the resources will pop up to be selected. Then they'll get a confirmation email, etc.


However, they want to do the same thing when creating a meeting in Teams. Issue is, when they type the resource name into the meeting location, nothing pops up to be selected.


Is the functionality possible in Teams? What else would need to be configured.

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There is Bookings app for Teams but seems not 100% meet your wish:


Btw, worth to take a look:


Manage the Bookings app in Microsoft Teams - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Learn



Thanks for the reply. I'll look into Bookings - it may be something I can work as an alternative.  So is it your understanding that you can't set the resources set up in Exchange Online as a location for a meeting created in Microsoft Teams?