Blog: Microsoft 365: Fundamentals (MS-900) Exam Prep Guide


Need help on the upcoming Microsoft 365 Fundamentals certification exam? This guide will help you start your Microsoft 365 certification journey today with the entry level qualification preparing you for the associate workload exams


Best, Chris

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Hi @johnleejones1870

I have had a look at your preparation via the link - I think the combination of the blog, MS Learn and Pluralsight is going to put you in a strong position to make a good attempt at this.

I would say a definitely yes for hands on should you have the opportunity - I don't think it's absolutely essential to pass MS-900 since 900 is largely conceptual however it will certainly better your understanding and again, give you the best chance in passing.

Let us know how you get on

Best, Chris

Thank you very much @Christopher Hoard . I will definitely let you know. I really appreciate your input.

@Christopher Hoard 


MS-202 passed!!!


Thanks Chris!!

Hi Chris, I am just about to start preparing for the MS-900 exam and I just want to double check what you recomend that I should study. --> --> You mentioned Plurasight, what exactly should I study on that site?
Hi @InTheCloud666

At the current time I would recommend

1.) My blog:
2.) MS Learn Microsoft 365 course
3.) The EDX version of the course here:

Pluralsight and Udemy would be any content related to the above, particularly this course by Vlad Catrinescu

Hope that helps and gets you a result

Best, Chris
Remove that crap! Posting/ Using this is against the rules both in this forum and for use taking exams! Reported!

@Christopher Hoard  This was so helpful I currently have a basic help desk job in IT and looking to further my education at a low cost. This was what I have been looking for to get started studying. 


Thanks so much!!!! Any other links or information you have for the MS-900 will be very much appreciated.  

Thanks for the great feedback! My pleasure!

In terms of low cost resources Microsoft have a MS-900 short form course on MS Learn and in the blog there is a link to an open EDX course which is free too. The three together (blog and two courses should put you in a good position). If you are a Microsoft partner then you can get hands on experience through a demo tenant at or if not simply spin up a 30 day trial of Microsoft 365. Always good to get hands on.

If you do have a little money to spare then I would consider the official practice test at Mindhub or the book on Amazon if it is out.

Best of luck for the exam!

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoardthank you for the detailed guide, is that enough to pass ms-900 exam?


@Christopher Hoard 


Hi Chris, I´m new here and I´m currently preparing for the MS-900 Exam. 

the link above does not work anymore. Is it going to be active anytime soon?


Where can I find a real practice exam?


Thank in advance for your help!!!

@Christopher Hoard Any plans to update your content for 2021 exams?